Wanderers force a Vucking point on the road


Still unbeaten, still scoring, still causing havoc for every other W-league team that we cross (so far), AND MAY IT STAY THAT WAY!

The Western Sydney Wanderers have proven themselves to be title contenders over the last 4 rounds of the W-league. They stole a late win against Adelaide United, kept the Newcastle Jets under their thumb, and then massacred the Brisbane Roar, to put them on the top of the ladder, with what is now, 10 points.

BUT, this round was not going to be a walk in the park for the ladies in Red and Black, as they were coming up against last years Premiers, Melbourne Victory. 

Kicking off, we see exactly WHY we should not underestimate the Victory, as a long ball heading straight into the path of Abby Smith, ends up deflecting off the cross bar, sending our Keeper stumbling, from the unexpected close call. 

It’s not too long after that, the Victory attack again, Dowie and Hanson linking up to cruise straight past the Wanderers defense, and making it 1 – 0, on the 7th minute. NO chance for Abby Smith to react fast enough, as Victory go in front, early on.

*deep breath in*

Now it gets stressful…as we attempt to break the Victory lead, and get back to a levelled playing field. It was Amy Harrison with a shot that takes a deflection off Jenna McCormick, where I personally had fingers crossed, as it makes it’s way into the pathway of the goals, but a nicely timed reaction from Casey Dumont, keeps the ball away from the back of the net, and in her possession.

We see both keepers making saves and staying on their toes, constantly, to keep their sides in the game. Abby Smith risking collisions and leaping for her life, at times, to give the Wanderers a chance to regroup and attack.


Our USWNT and North Carolina Courage signing, Lynn Williams, makes a wonderful run towards Victory’s box. Collecting a stray ball from Angela Beard, dribbling her way through and scoring to make it 1 – 1. Her first goal of the season and I guarantee, will not be her last.

The Wanderers don’t stop, though, as a second attempt to score from a through ball by Cortney Vine to Lynn Williams, puts Victory’s defence into panic mode. A last minute tackle, veers Williams off course and the ball goes wide.

As much as I wished the last attack on Victory territory went according to plan, and the goal by Amy Harrison passed the goal line, EVERYBODY know’s I’m a sucker for amazing saves (and goalkeepers in general) SO WHEN CASEY DUMONT SAVED THAT GOAL, YOU BEST BELIEVE I STOOD UP AND CLAPPED!

The final whistle blew, the result was a draw, but the game was a worthy one.

Both sides battled it out, and I would say Victory was our first hard battle. A tiny little bit of a wake up call for the Red and Black, to push forward, push harder and be better, as we prepare for the Sydney Derby in the next coming weeks, against a Skyblue side, who is ON OUR DOOR STEP, with only 1 point away.

It will be battle for the top, both Sydney sides wanting their first or MORE silverware, and the derby…well, that will be a bell of a battle.

A battle that I, WILL VERY MUCH BE ATTENDING AND CAUSING HAVOC AT! *lights all the flares*

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to rewatch this match over, and over, and over again, because it is the only thing keeping me happy and alive, after the HELL of a rollercoaster I experienced with out mens side. 

By Christina Trajceska

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