Wanderers Go Down Hard



That was pure sarcasm.

Shall I start listing the things that went wrong during this home game?

Firstly, WHO’S BLOODY IDEA WAS IT to check the pitch for LAST WEEKS rubbish and dibris, 30 minutes before kickoff!? Broken plastic cups EVERYWHERE, not to mention the metal screw FOX Sports found. How is that even allowed to be passed, with the safety of players and everyone else on the field, in danger of being cut open by crushed plastic and other things (god only knows what).

This is a massive safety hazard and is disgraceful, for a stadium who is holding a professional level club and it’s games.

Secondly, what the hell was up with the grass man..my baba’s patch work on clothes is cleaner than that hell of an attempt on the field. Not only that, dust flying up from the pitch? What is this? Grassroots football fields are prettier looking, even after it’s shared with the Oz Tag team. The field is dangerous to play on AND looks horrible AND I had to pay $40 for this!? $40 BECAUSE GENERAL ADMISSION WAS ‘SOLD OUT’ AND THERE WAS ONLY 10, 000 THERE?

I looked over to general admission mid-game, you wanna know what I saw? EmPtY sEaTs!!!

Thirdly, what in the hell was that game? Blind panic, hesitation and a load of frustration all mixed into one damn pot, and out came the result of this game.

Missing balls left right and centre, we couldn’t string a pass in the Jets box, if our lives depended on it. CENTIMETRES away from scoring, a number of times, I almost had a-, No wait, I DID have a mental breakdown while clapping furiously in sync with the rest of the RBB. Rosa was probably deaf in her left ear, worried, pitied me, and was also in fear I’d snap and kill a man after the second goal was scored.

It’s not that we played HORRIBLY, it was a match of bad luck, THE DAMN WIND, pure panic and frustration getting to the players after the last couple weeks of the same damn thing happening.

It’s like the womens team and the mens team are taking notes off each other…(no offence but honestly think about it for a second)…

Both sides want a win with all their hearts, to get up and running, boost confidence, prove a point. We CAN work as a team, We CAN win a game, We CAN play great football…but as you can see, it’s the opposite of all 3 points at the moment and it’s killing our players and the fans that spend their hard earned money on games to come and support them (ME, BLOODY ME, $40!)

For me, the only highlight of the night was Tarek Elrich and his challenges on the ball. Well done, son.

Otherwise, the night ended, we walked out of the windy arena, which had more atmosphere outside than in, to do a TLL game debrief…

WELL… I’ll let the video speak for itself. I was between laughing and yelling, you now you’ve cracked it when that happens.

We’re up against victory next week….AAAAHAHAHA…. Let us pray.

By Christina Trajceska

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