Wanderers Lead In Recycling Campaign As They Once Again Just Throw It Away


We were singing for the Wanderers and we were singing well, for the last few weeks, weren’t we? 

And now we’re back to the same bullsh*t we have been struggling with for the last 3 seasons…Amazing start off, sh*t finish.

We travelled to Newy this week, to take on the Jets and hopefully keep our Finals Football hopes alive but that was short lived, wasn’t it. Us playing finals football with that defense? HAAAAAA! Good one.

Look, to be completely honest, I didn’t watch the game. After hopping off the plane from Melbourne, for Doco filming, and the constant work we’ve been doing (in-between our day job), my body gave up on me and the cold that has been trying to get to me over the last few days, has finally succeeded and is slowly killing me. Yes, an aching body, high fever and a throat that feels like I swallowed a flare, so I took the night off and retired to twitter for updates on the match…and to be honest, Twitter saved me the pain of rewatching, telling me exactly what I needed to know.

First things first, MAHAZI SCORES A F*CKING MAGNIFICENT HEADER, SCORING HIS FIRST A-LEAGUE GOAL! Nobody expected it, that’s why nobody was bothered to mark him! But either way, a brilliant header.

In the second half, Roy O’Donovan makes it levelled for the Jets, giving them a chance to return from this to impress their home crowd. A nice overhead pass by Danny G to create the opportunity.

The next goal comes from… are ya ready for this? …VeDrAn JaNjEtOvIc …And I swear to god, I’m not watching the game but as soon as notifications start showing up on my phone of people tagging me in Vedran Memes on Twitter…I just know.

Turns out that the free kick from Dimi Petratos was curving in towards the goals at a dangerous speed and angle, it made our poor keepers brain snap (again), resulting in a fumble that sent the ball into the net, rather than out.  Annnnd it’s 2 – 1…

Count to 60, 4x, though. Just do it, okay (that equals to 4 minutes, if you’re still confused)…because at the end of it, THE BETTER BACCUS BROTHER MAKES IT LEVELLED AGAIN! 2 – 2 on the 74th minute! A MAGNIFICENT SHOT FROM OUTSIDE THE BOX! The Jets didn’t even think twice about running towards the young gun to attempt to stop him, which was another mistake from the Jets, by misjudging Western Sydney and their ability to push forward (when they f*cking feel like it)

81st minute, comes along and after a tough game of tug – o – war to take home a win, another fumble from our defensive half opens up a chance for 19 year old, Angus Thurgate, another first time goalscorer in the A-league. A moment of glory for the Jets and the young legend of the night, but a horrible situation to be in for the Red and Black. Another costly mistake that sink the Wanderers and their chances of leaving 8th place.

And here I am, with one of the worst colds I have had in a while, with no emotion to show because this has happened so many times before, I’m immune. Immune to the pain of sh*t results but not getting sick…Oh how I wish it was the other way around right now, because I feel like I’ve been kicked in the face by Roy O’Donovan.

In the end, it wasn’t the WORST game we had played. We had magnificent goals from both ends and we played for points properly (majority of the game), with a drive and a fighting mentality, to pick up after we ‘f*cked up’. But sadly, we’re 8th and we ain’t budging from this stop, so. Enjoy the remained of the A-League season, ya’ll.

Time to mentally prepare for the Sydney Derby next week.

By Christina Trajceska

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