Wanderers learn to shoot farken


On the eve of round 2, the Western Sydney Wanderers walked out onto the pitch of Marvel Stadium in gold, and courageously battled for 3 points, and top spot of the Hyundai A-league table…

…Good lord, this sounds way too bloody dramatic for a Round 2 game, we’ve got another 22 left. I’m purely writing this introduction on a high of winning 2 games in a row, for the first time in SEASONS. The dopamine levels are insane right about now, so kick back and enjoy another lovely, calm, cool, collected, and POSITIVE article.

Kicking off against Melbourne Victory, it was expected to be a tough run of the mill.

With Kevin Muscat gone, and Former Adelaide United manager, Marco Kurz now at the helm, Victory may be under new orders, but still are a powerhouse side that should never be underestimated.

The first half consisted of both sides battling it out to be the first to score for the night. Keeping great tempo and pressure, Victory almost scored in the first 10 minutes before the attack was ruled offside, to save the Wanderers from an early blunder. Blunders I am all too familiar with, I was having war flashbacks of the last 3 seasons.

BUT ANYWAY, THANK THY LORD, we didn’t concede early. And if anything, things started to look a lot brighter for the our boys in Gold.  A set piece that gave Jurman a chance to send the ball into the far right side of the net, but hitting the post and deflecting away, new signing Meier tried to follow it up but sent the ball flying, away from goal. Now as sh*tty as that sounds, that it didn’t end up being a goal. I’ll take the positive and say that we are TRYING.

And we continue to try, as the players blast the energy levels on high, they’re sent barrelling down towards the Victory half, consistently. Even former Navy Blue, Daniel Georgievski, leaving his past behind him for the 90 minutes and most certainly playing for the current badge that sits on his chest. He creates chances to score, himself, as well as linking up with our front 3, on a number of occasions.

But we end the first half at 0 – 0, even though an attempted goal by Meier, I WISH actually stood, was ruled off. (You know which one I was talking about. That bloody turn and kick, that sent the damn ball smacking the cross bar and into the net…but was sadly pulled back because of a foul. We’ll save that one for next week, then)

Moving forward into he second half, things begin to heat up for the Wanderers, even further, when BABY BACCUS, THE BEST BACCUS, SCORES A BLOODY SCREAMER.

A golden moment for the Western Sydney Academy prodigies, who link up and create magic. Nick Sullivan chipping it over towards Mo Adam, as Mo Adam cuts the ball back into the direction of Buccas, and finishes it with the ball wizzing right past Lawrence Thomas, and into the top left hand corner of the goals.  1 – 0, the Wanderers are in front.

The second goal comes not to far from the first, when Alexander Meier (aka big bloody tall German man), makes up for the goal that was taken away from him in the first half.

Mitchell Duke had run in, before being sandwiched by the two Victory defenders, and Thomas sliding in to deflect the ball away. Unfortunately (FORTUNATE FOR US) sending the ball towards Meier, who takes a chance to send the ball back over and in.

2 – 0 for the Western Sydney Wanderers, 2 goals from outside the box, and so far, 2 games on a win streak.


A penalty is given to the Victory, after a handball.

Even though Lopar dived in the right direction and attempted to keep a clean sheet, Ola Toivonen (the big bloody tall Swedish man) ends their drought, sends the fans in Marvel into complete euphoria, giving them all hope to turn this game around, make it a draw, if not a win!

After this one goal, the Victory pick right up, with set pieces and pressure, ramming their way through the small cracks that they find, in the Wanderers defense. Kamsoba and Toivonen linking up, hoping Athiu joins the run, but coming off short, losing possession.

As time ticks on, the final whistle is blown, and the Wanderers are through with 3 points and a second Victory…against the Victory.

Back to back early success and confidence that is needed to go into next weeks Sydney Derby.

By Christina Trajceska

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