Wanderers Leave Us All Sweating After A Climatic Finish


Contemplating whether or not to even attend this damn game, because who wants to spend $40 on another ticket to see your team play dead football for 90 minutes and lose either by a large margin or by a hair, in the dying minutes of a match?

We all know I don’t wanna be there to see it, because I’ve seen enough of that.

So, I threw a poll up on twitter to have the good people of SokkahTwitter choose for me and the results were in “Go”. BUT, that wasn’t until I first caught up like I said I would with the baba and the rest of the familija, have a coffee, a rant and then convince them to also come with me, to share in my pain.

It worked, and after a good 30 minutes of adventuring to Sydney Olympic park and scrapping it in time to see the game kick off, we settle in the GA section (because you can f*ck off if you think I’m spending another $40 on a ticket), and we see the same hell unfold as always…

“This may be a good game, it’s against Popa and the last at Spotless, could be a real cracker here) …mate, Young Jordan O’doerty is injured and stretched off on the 16th minute, what more could go wrong so early on, you ask?

Ikonomidis scores shortly after, in the early 23rd minute, yup, our last season wonder boy, sticks it to us again. Every goal he scores against us is a constant reminder that he was the one who got away…actually every goal he scores EVER is a constant reminder. But looking on the bright side, it’s also a constant reminder that our National team is in good hands for the future.

Moving along, the game drags on, and on ..and on….and we get bored and start walking around the length of Spotless stadium before half time, to work off what we ate with Baba (as she glared at us until the whole plate was empty). You know it’s a dead game when the scattering of fans in GA are shouting banter at Tony Popovic and my cousins and I are jogging around the stadium for sh*ts and giggles, to work of the calories, and hanging out in the ‘FUN ZONE’ with the jumping castles, rather than watching the game.

By the time we had done our laps, the second half was kicking off and we returned to our seats, the seats of a silent stadium. The RBB have held their end of the deal and refused to chant for the remainder of the time they are stuck at Spotless and ANZ. The silent protest had nothing to do with the team (anymore) but more to do with the leadership at HQ. People are not happy…neither am I but we’re not gonna get into that, THIS IS A FUN PLACE, WE’RE NOT GONNA TALK ABOUT POLITICS (this time).

But it really is a very quiet place, the Cricket crowds are more exciting…

And looking at the standard of this game, so is an actual Cricket game, itself.

Pass back to the defense, forward to the mid, back to the defense, forward to the mid, weak pass, weak low cross, back to the mid, lose the ball, SPRINT LIKE A NUTCASE DOWN THE FIELD TO STOP THE GLORY. Get the ball back, send it to the mid, back to the defense, hold the ball, pass to the defense on the opposite side of the field, LOSE THE BALL AND SPRINT LIKE A NUTCASE DOWN THE FIELD TO STOP THE GLORY, get the ball back, hold the ball instead of sprinting like a nutcase down the field to score, letting the Glory return in numbers and then passing it back to the defense… Sounds blood EXCITING! DOESN’T IT!

This is the whole game in a nutshell, plus a load of shifty refereeing. Fouls that even I could see were NOT fouls, even if you put me on the top deck of Spotless and hung me upside down from a harness with a blind fold on, I could still tell you, THEY WERE NOT FOULS!

We were still sitting on 1 – 0 and 4 minutes of injury time was added, I, rolled my eyes and sunk in my seat, begging for it to end. And then he magical and magnificent happened…

Looking down at my phone, talking to Upper Management of TLL, not paying any attention to the match any further, my brother starts talking like the game actually started getting exciting, he hardly does that, he’s a quiet watcher (unless the Vuck are playing). SOMETHING MUST BE GOING RIGHT!?

I take a glance, just as Elrich lines up the shot, everything is in slow motion. “The ball is going to go wide, no way is this going in” I say to myself. Reddy dives, the ball passes him, rolls a little further, an then I see the net ricochet…

AND THE WHOLE STADIUM – GOES – F*CKING – MENTAL! I’m out of my seat cheering and swearing, my cousins (who, one, supports Sydney FC, SHOCK HORROR) are cheering, my brother (who supports the goddamn Victory) IS CHEERING. The Guys infront of us are running up and down the aisles and I have begun to lose my goddamn voice, and THAT HAS NOT HAPPENED IN A LONG TIME!


1 – 1, the whistle blows and I could not be more happier to have sucked it up and attend. As we make our way out of the Stadium, but not before I skip down to the fence and congratulate one of TLL’s biggest fans, and my favourite Spaniard in Red and Black, Oriol Riera, we all reflect on the complete ‘meme’ of a game this was. As for Spotless (insert Bruno Fornaroli ‘F*ck off’ FFA speech here)

My little voice was right, it was a good game… we’ll the last 4 minutes were.

By Christina Trajceska

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