Wanderers loom towards theoretical relegation battle


Let us review…

First of all, we’re gonna need to find a VERY GOOD tattoo removalist, in the Western Sydney Area.

Second of all, we dropped the lead in minutes of the second half, by one of our own home grown, who “We DiDn’T wAnT”.

Third of all, the VAAAAARRRRR.

This round kicked off on the other side of the ‘duch’, in Eden Park, where the Western Sydney Wanderers took on the Nix, in what I would like to call, the biggest VAR f*ckary, since Kerem Bulut’s offside.

The first half was matched, both sides pushing to come out on top, but the Wanderers looking to be the better side. Clear set pieces and dangerous attempts to get their first point of the evening, putting pressure on the Nix, but a very special bloke in Blue came to the rescue. None other than Nix keeper, Marinovic, who denied a number of decent shots on target.

Moving past the first half, and onto the second, we had our first goal of the night coming from Former Red and Black, Joshua Sotirio. 

A stray ball that was not dealt with properly, floated over our scattered defence and into the path of Sotirio. All that was needed was a simple chip over out God of a goalkeeper, and into the back of the net it went.

MARVELLOUS for the Wellington Phoenix, SH*T for us. 

Only thing to silence the masses, is a shot from our German import, Muller, that comes in 16 minutes later. 

We’re back to levelled grounds again, 1 – 1.

We can only hope and pray, that we either take a point home and stay safe with a draw, or push forward for more. If anyone got the memo on ‘pushing forward for more’, though, it was the Nix, more than the Wanderers. Another deadly shot on target, forced a miraculous save from Daniel Lopar, on the 80th, and panic begins to settle into the red and black, as the final minutes ticked.


It started off as a shot, a deflection and a save from Daniel Lopar! We think we’re in the clear, and will only be punished with a corner… RIGHT!?


The VAR has reviewed, and a handball is spotted. And from what every other person that has eyes can see, is the arm of Schweglar, in a natural position. But luck looked to be on Wellingtons side, as the action was not ruled out, and rather seen as ‘deliberate’. A penalty is given on the 88th minute, as well as a yellow card to Schweglar for… having his arm out in a natural position?

The Nix go on to win 2 – 1, at home, moving up the ladder into 4th place and stealing Western Sydney’s position.

With 3 wins and a draw on their belt, the Nix are now 4 games unbeaten, while the Wanderers… may or may not lose more than points and a position on the ladder, but our Grandfather cap wearing, swearing, jouro glaring, and anger flaring Manager, Markus Babbel.

BUT, it’s always the darkest before the dawn so I must have hope, WE must have hope.

(help me)

By Christina Trajceska

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