Wanderers make history with a Staab in Glory’s heart

Christina Trajceska

I am going to start off with quoting Ann Odong’s tweet, with some information on the Western Sydney Wanderers Womens team and our stats for Finals football.

  • 8 seasons
  • 96 games
  • 2627 days
  • 8640+ match minutes

And after all this hard work, up’s and downs, last minute goals ‘won’, last minute goals ‘conceded’, injuries, close calls, bad calls, refereeing decisions, good and bad luck with recruitment and so much more…


The last few rounds have been difficult for the WSW, after losing to Sydney FC in the Derby and then getting our asses royally handed to us by none other than the Matildas Royalty, of Melbourne City. 

This was our last shot, to prove that we belong up the top of the table. So we travelled to Perth, and scored 3 to make it happen. 

The first 3 goals that made dreams a reality, were actually scored in the the first half.  We were on fire.

The first in the 2nd minute by Sam Staab, being her first of the season. (I’m telling ya now, IMMA BE USING THE WORD ‘FIRST’ A LOT OF TIMES, IN THIS ARTICLE, SO TAKE A SHOT FOR EACH ONE!)

The ball was sent in by young Kyra Cooney – Cross, who has been remarkable for the WSW all season. After the ball made it’s way into the dangers of the Glory box, it was cleared away but not enough as it floated into the path of Staab. At first, what looked like it would rebound off the post, the ball actually went in. Celebration all round, for the Red and Black, wearing their golden kits, tonight. 

The second was from Kristen Hamilton, another cross by Cooney – Cross, followed by a header by Hamilton. 

The third and final came from a free kick from Ella Mastrantonio, followed by another beautiful header by Hamilton. 2 goals to her name in a matter of minutes, as well as a boost of confidence for herself and her squad.  

27 minutes in, and we’re already 3 – 0 up. There is so much hope and happiness around the field for the girls, you can actually feel finals football in the pit of your stomach, at this point.

But the second half, begged to differ. As Glory may not have been playing finals football, but they were not done just yet, and we not going to make this last round of regular season, easy. 

Celia Jimenez scores on the 62nd minute, for the Glory, after the ball rebounded off our defence, giving Celia a second opportunity to shoot. This time, going straight under our Keeper, Abby Smith.

The second came on the 82nd, from a high ball, collected by Andrews. A beautiful header after skilfully positioning herself in the WSW box. Abby Smith unable to keep it out, and it’s suddenly 3 – 2.

With my heart rate pumping, heart almost breaking, hope barley hanging on by a thread, I sit and watch the final minutes tick away. Are the WSW destined to always fail, just as we are about the approach the finish line? Is there a curse placed on Western Sydney? Well, ya know what, maybe there is :’) …


After a final clearance, the whistle blows and what’s done, is done. 

3 – 2 and the girls from Western Sydney have made club history. 

On March 15th, we meet with Melbourne City, again. Our toughest opponents, and one of the greatest W – League sides in our womens footballing history. 

People, it’s going to be tough, but it’s not going to be impossible. These girls, they’ve proven what they can do, what they can come back from, time and time again. Bad luck is inevitable, football can change within a second, and there are no guarantee’s till the last whistle blows… I say that for us, and I say that for Melbourne City, too.

I believe in this lot, I think I believe in them more than I ever have before. Because it’s not jus the results I can smile about, but the on and off field connection these girls have with each other. 

This is a team, a proper team. 

A team of young women in football, who love and respect this game, this club and themselves. I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m proud of them.

Onwards, to Melbourne.


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