Wanderers Plunge With A Hard Case Of The Sky-Blues


What can I say? We suck.

Okay, that is all, cya next round.

In all seriousness, if you’ve been living under a rock, let me just inform you of the situation…

We’re not doing well, the city is still Sky-blue, we’re at the bottom of the ladder with 1 point, we couldn’t guard a piggy bank with an AK-47 if our lives depended on it, let alone finish with a goal, and we’re looking more deflated than the blow up sauce bottles at Central Coast Stadium.

So let’s just talk about Sydney FC because they were the highlight of the night.

Once again, proving to be the better side, quick yet calm, composed and deadly when they needed to be. The Wanderers held on for as long as they could in the first half, even having a chance at opening the scoreline themselves, but around the 35th minute, Sofia Huerta opened the scoring with a classy shot that entered the top right corner of the net, from an interesting angle on the field.

Shortly after the second half had started, Caitlin Foord cut her way through our sorry defense to unleash ALL HELL on our young keeper, with a screamer that put the sky-blue two goals ahead. There are two emotions that rushed through me at that moment, one was pure, crushing, painful despair… And on the other side, pride and a standing ovation for our Matilda, who is on fire tonight and is rightfully, giving no mercy.

We we all expecting a penalty after the ball and hand contact from Uzunlar, it was waved off but towards the second half of the match, a hard shove in the back of Sydney FC’s super sub, Princess Ibini, gave a penalty to the Skyblues and a red card to substitute Caitlin Jarvie. (Christina is dancing around a fire in the backyard which Is engulfing all her WSW merch around this moment)

Caitlin Foord steps up to the occasion, as young Simonsen is looking as fearful as my brother when he broken the window playing football inside the house…(he lived). I don’t blame her, Caitlin Foord shots could tear someones arms clean off.

The penalty is taken and in the ball goes, sending Simonsen the opposite direction, making it the final score of 3 – 0.

What can we take away from tonights game?

Sydney FC are 3rd with 15 points, battling with Adelaide United to keep a higher place on the ladder, not their strongest of games and if they do want to keep their place on the ladder, they must give their opposition a little more kick. They are defiantly title contenders but consistency is key.

As for the Wanderers….we don’t talk about the Wanderers.

Nah, we’ll talk about the Wanderers, we need to be confident, keep our composure and finish when finishing is needed. Hesitancy is our killer. But now with a bit of positivity here, I still love my girls and I love my team. Through thick and thin, as much as I wanted to SWING AT YOU ALL… you’re my girls, and what kind of supporter would I be if I gave up on you lot. I have faith, a win (or hopefully another draw) is coming.

We all have our tough seasons. But the harder the battle, the sweeter the victory.

Our next game, Adelaide United. It’ll be a tough one, but not impossible.

We all know that this W-league season has been full of surprises.

Anything can happen.

By Christina Trajceska

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