Wanderers Receive Less Calls Than A Divorcee With Three Cats


It was a game of two halves. Well it wasn’t. They both sucked.

The Western Sydney Wanderers hosted Adelaide United on a muggy, sweaty and lethargic evening in the slightly west of Sydney. A day where far west reached a max temperature of 45 degrees.

Meeting each other only 24 days after their last fixture, I thought to myself, is this going to be a another boring fight for possession?

It actually wasn’t in the first half as Adelaide seemed to hog most of the ball like a fat kid with their cake on their birthday (or just me with my cake on my birthday).

The Wanderers starting line up was exciting as Babbel swapped his stars due to injury, which made more room for the Yoof of the West. This Youth increase included Suman in goals, benching newly-discovered outfield player Vedran Janjetovic.

Adelaide United however, didn’t start OR EVEN PLAY Ken Ilso. Whatever. I like, don’t even care. They did however start George Blackwood. So there was a starting striker by trade, whether he’s a striker by play is still up for debate.

Thankfully for Adelaide their skillful lad from the North is still playing as good as me at FIFA lately. I won the A-League with my FUT okay, yeah I’m good. Craig Goodwin can return home with both an assist and a goal, making his fight for the Tobin points scarily close.

Within 8 minutes Vince Lia received a hell of an assist from Goody which initially had me screaming ‘Y U DO DIS CRAIG. B SELFISH CRAIG’ but was clearly thinking a lot more intelligent than I. Vinnie was able to pound the bastard into the back of the net, altering all of our predictions for this match, temporarily.

Unfortunately the excitement of a pending climatic match was wiped away with the increasing lethargic play. The passes were slower than someone who drinks Adelaide water, the decision making was poorer than anyone who owns a home in Sydney and the coaches attire was ‘Sunday Sessions’ fresh.

As much as we do love to take the piss out of the victimisation of Wanderers supporters, the referee’s (including VAR) certainly had a few head scratching moments.

We had pen shouts, we had Jakobsen pissing off the fans, we had VAR missing a questionable offside and we had a couple of soft calls.

Roly Bonevacia brought the Wanderers back into the game after I’m guessing Babbel told the players at half time that if they do not win, the young players will be forced to wed each one of his daughters. Roly shoots a sensational shot, right into the top-middle left of the goal, with absolutely nothing Izzo could do. While the play between goals haven’t been much, the goals scored were something worth seing.

The most controversial moment of the match was the heated offside call. Mileusnic crossed the ball to Goodwin this time who finished it, however upon the replay, it looked evident to be offside. The call was checked by the VAR and the decision was upheld, however It seems to be a general consensus that it was clearly offside.

I was initially just as furious about the decision until noticing the hand of the defender which could possibly be keeping him onside but I’d have to say after about 22 replays, I’m still going to go with offside. It doesn’t matter that this controversial call led my team to 3 points, I don’t want to win that way. I don’t want to win a game due to the incompetence of the officials on and off the pitch.

The Wanderers fans continued to bitch and moan and you know what, I get it. I totally get it.

Adelaide weren’t entirely thrilled about their performance either. It was quite flat, it wasn’t exciting and not much really happened. Quite a sloppy three points to receive.

United will need to improve their game quick smart as they head to Perth on Wednesday and the Wanderers play the team with a right back as a striker, Melbourne City, on Tuesday.

By Rose Valente

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