Wanderers Win A Game, Fans Everywhere Are Shocked


GOOD AFTERNOON LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, How are we today? I’M GREAT! Thanks for asking!

The Magic of the cup has returned this week, as the Red and Black bunch that have constantly let me and the rest of the fan base down for the last 3 seasons, HAVE DONE THE IMPOSSIBLE AND DEFEATED OUR OLD MANAGER, TONY “IN POPA WE TRUST” VIC!

It was one hell of a game, wasn’t it? Full of excitement, nail biting moments, and battles for dominance of the ball AND- I’m lying, it was dull.

It was way too levelled, frustrating almost with the amount of ‘cHaNcEs’ and ‘ClOsE’ calls, the live updates on Twitter we’re enough to tell me how it went, I didn’t need to watch it. And what else do we do on Twitter? Well, take the piss out of the situation and let Christina start up a drinking game.

Every time you see those words ‘Close’ and ‘Chance’, DRINK. And whoever took that drinking game seriously, probably had a better night than the rest of us.

But back to the match, the game kicked off at Dorrien Gardens with an attendance of 1,587, and I’m gonna go off the Twitter live updates for information about the match, because I DIDN’T WATCH MOST OF THE GAME.

Why? …I will truthfully put myself on the chopping block here, and say I was prepared for another loss, so I decided to go on a ‘Chicago Med’ marathon, rather than watch the game. I know that Dr. Rhyse is going through a break up with a Doctor in Pathology, and that one of the student nurses are illegally prescribing themselves anti depressants, but I have no clue what happened in the first 90 minutes….

But according to Twitter, the game started with both sides looking to take each other out. Not on a date, like, literally take each other out…because we had yellow cards flying outta the referees pockets early, with one going to Tratt and Schwegler.

We also had a shaky moment in our defense (WHEN DO WE NOT HAVE THIS HAPPEN!?) when Mourdoukoutas sent the ball to our new keeper, Lopar, at a dangerous time, but luckily enough the ball is cleared to save our lives and dignity. I have had nothing but a sense of safety with our new Keeper, and I pray, that I stay like this. We all know how we’ve had such a sh*t time in defence, whether it be our back line or our man between the sticks…we’ve just been painfully bad.

Speaking of sh*t, we lost Kosta Grozos to an early injury..and you know what they say?

No Grozos, No Party (buy our merchandise/ shameless..or shameful..plug here/link here)

Losing one of our most talented and dedicated youth players early in the first half, is a blow, indeed..but we’ve got another 70 ‘something’ minutes to go, man. We can’t give up now (or can we?)

The entire 90 minutes of the match was just a back and forth pull, many attempts to try and put either side in the running for the round of 16, but it didn’t come. So, I’m not gonna move on from it and not recount the whole damn thing because,

1. I didn’t watch it.

And 2. Our sources (SokkahTwitter) say it was plain as flour…so what’s the point.

INSTEAD, I tuned in at extra time, expecting a surprise in the first 15 minutes, but we got Na-da!

The second half of extra time? Well that was the most excitement I’ve felt in a while. 3 goals, in 8 minutes!

First one comes from, Mohamed Adam, on the 109th minute. A wave of relief washes over me, but it is quickly replaced with “yeeaahh, let’s see how long this lasts” ..and I was right. 114th minute, is when Perth bit back with a goal from Mrcela, to make it levelled again.

1 – 1, I’m ready to go to bed and accept defeat, but I saw SOME SORTA FIGHT from the team to ensure that this round was going to go to them, if it was going to be the last bloody thing they did. In a scramble for the ball, a tussle and tumble, a chance for Yeboah came to light, and with a simple quick kick of the ball to move it over the line, we went in front, 2 – 1!

The last whistle blows, we did it, we had defeated Popa’s Premier side to get us into the round of 16!

NOW! Before we get all excited, remember we have drawn Sydney United…This is not a bad thing, not at all, ooh hell no! Croats, Cevapi and Flares, what more do you want?

The Football breathing, cigarette smoking, Adidas tracksuit wearing Wogs, are going to be out in full force. It’s going to be a beautiful sight of ethnic football. It is such a blessing to have drawn such a side, like Sydney United. But it is also a bad thing to the Western Sydney Wanderers, because even though we are (sadly) not playing at King Tom and are instead playing in Campbelltown Stadium and have an advantage with playing experience at Campbeltown, we are STILL up against a ‘Not behd’ NPL side, with fans that are just as wild and passionate as ours.

Perth had become our rivals, after the appointment of Popa, and a handful of former WSW signings, joining him at the club. The envy and anger flowed through our veins and it felt SO DAMN GOOD TO BEAT THEM, but the real challenge, ladies and gentlemen, will be against a mix of old and young, fast, talented and ruthless United players, as well as support in the stands.

So, buckle the hell up.

By Christina Trajceska

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