Wanderers Women Continue The Wanderers Mediocrity Philosophy

The opening of the wonderful womens league in the heart of Western Sydney, right after the launch of the club’s ever first Third Kit, at Club Marconi.

Well I missed the first half of the damn game since I was waiting in the “underground secret location” (mate, it was literally underground…) but I can happily say waiting THAT LONG to stand in line, catch up with a few fellow wanderers and purchase the kit, WAS WORTH IT.

And then we all transitioned from watching the game on a fellow wanderers phone, to legging it straight for the stadium.

WE MADE IT!…and we’re down 1 – 0 (sound familiar?)

Parking ourselves behind the goals, watching the ‘Great Wall of Whyman’ (as I fangirl like a 14 year old at a Nick Jonas concert for a few minutes), and then later retiring to the fence line to get settled in and pray the next half turns around.

It didn’t, it got worse…

A second goal was scored as I was in between trying to control 2 social media accounts and my own, while still gushing over the new kit I had purchased (with everything I worked for that day… :’) … minimum wage life). It’s in between the 2nd goal and the soon to come 3rd goal, I finally got a chance to look up and realise, the girls were NOT themselves. Such a well ‘put together’ team, with names that are laced with talent and passion for football..how is it not working out for them!?

Well for starters, our defence fell apart, left gaps in the back line so big, it put all the pressure on Jada to be the last resort to save the girls from further destruction.

It was hard to keep the ball at our feet but to make matters worse, we struggled to string a pass together…felt like it was the FFA Cup derby all over again. Crosses were going way too far or swinging off course, through balls were kicked too hard for anyone in red and black to be able to catch up to the ball in time, simple passes were flying all over the field, rather than in the direction of a team mate. The sky blue were cool, calm and collected (nothing new), in the right place at the right time…and most of the time, they didn’t even need to be in the right place, the ball basically came to them…

Looking at the squad on paper, the Wanderers are looking stronger than ever, a promising side with names that make you go ‘WOW’ when you realise they’re signed with us. They make you proud and excited before they even walk onto the field. But as we took to the field tonight… the Christina who people usually see at A-league Derbies, came to light, and the ref copped a handful of my rage from the fence line. (DON’T YOU JUDGE ME! IT WASN’T ALL OUR FAULT! THERE WERE CALLS THAT THE REF MISSED BY A MILE! And it needed to be brought to her attention…aggressively)

So close, yet so far, there were chances towards the dying minutes of the game that could have turned it around for us, given us a goal, MAYBE EVEN TWO! But hesitancy and panic was our enemy.

The night ended with a 3 – 0 loss with 2 goals from Foord and 1 from Logarzo. My heart heavy for these ladies, as I know how much work they put into these games, the weeks leading up and the disappointment they have to pull through at the end of it.

Like our mens side, we have amazing players, each with their own special skill, they bring something grand to the club but it’s going to take some time to be able to string things together, to be able to flow like water, much like both the Men and Womens Sydney FC side. Give it a few more rounds, it’s early days, for both sides. Something is coming, I can feeling. (Maybe it’s the coffee starting to completely ruin my heart)

We look towards the Sydney Derby for the mens team this Saturday, we will be playing in there new Black and Gold third kits, here’s hoping it brings some luck.

Featured image from Sydney FC Twitter page.

By Christina Trajceska