Wellington Phoenix get their first wun


The Nix are probably still celebrating their first win of the season as they dismissed the Roar and their poor kit choice in Wellington. 

From the high of beating the league leaders with a thrilling come from behind victory to then losing to the effing Nix, it’s a wild ride being a Roar supporter. 

To make matters worse, I’m an injury replacement for this report as our resident Nix fan/writer celebrated a little too hard after the game and broke her wrist down on the pitch. PARTIED. TOO. HARD. I salute you Tracey.

Coming into this game I felt good, like most Roar supporters would be. Not as happy as the Hingert XIX after their 6 pubs of Hingert crawl, but I could muster around 40% of their enthusiasm which given their social posts is bloody high. 

Despite having most of the possession and completing more passes, Roar came off second best against a Wellington side that could smell blood in the water. 

Just 10 minutes in and their captain Steven Taylor put the home side up 1-0. Even with three Roar defenders in front of goal, Taylor got a head to Ulises Davila cross from a short corner. 

Jordan Courtney-Perkins, now the youngest player to take the field of the Roar, had a chance to equalise in the 17th with a shot from close range but Taylor highlighted his prowess in defence and made a goal line clearance to keep it out.

Roar weren’t without their chances in the first half, Jay O’Shea with an attempt that sailed high over the crossbar, but every effort just seemed to fall short. Looking forward to the ‘couldn’t score in a brothel’ type tweets to follow. 


Ulises Davila made it 2-0 just after the break, Macaulay Gillesphey letting Davila run away with the ball and find enough space to fire from distance. 

In the 64th it looked like Davila had made it 3-0 crushing the little hope Roar fans had left but was ruled offside straight away. 

Stefan Mauk gave us a boost in the 85th when he connected with Bradden Inman’s low ball into the box to beat Stefan Marinovic in goal. I’m not going to lie, from there I thought Roar might score again given the pressure they piled on to find an equaliser but ultimately the team come home empty handed. 

Well played to the Nix and fingers crossed Roar can regroup in time for the Mariners this Saturday.


By Bree Reidy

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