Who Do You Singh For?


Who do we sing for? Well actually I’m a neutral party. Once upon a time, I would have sat here cheering on Wellington, always the underdog, although when they were above United on the ladder the other week, I was starting to question my judgement.

Then on the WSW side we have TLL members that have just about had enough, I feel like I should have their back. Wellington are currently at the top of their form, unbeaten in six matches and Wanderers trying to claw their way back up and Babbel believes “the turnaround is coming soon because this is not normally possible to create so many chances and you can’t score.” Did he not see the United V Wellington game a few days ago?!

It only takes four minutes for the Wanderers to find themselves in trouble, not on the score board but Baumjohann is fouled by Kopczynski and is subbed off, Fitzgerald comes on. Baumjohann can be seen on the bench with ice on his hamstring. The game starts off with a flurry of fouls, six in eight minutes.

After nine minutes Hamill puts the ball in the back of the net, except he was called offside. Five minutes later Kamau is fouled and a penalty is awarded, VAR interjects and the penalty is over ruled, both teams now denied an early goal!

It is Wellington that manage to capitalise first with a goal from Fenton. The Wanderers defenders seem to be finding this late night on a Tuesday hard to handle and have been napping. I have to take responsibility for my actions here; I may have said in the group chat that the Wanderers were looking like the team that would strike first. However, Bonevacia misses wide of the near post and Fitzgerald cannot convert his volley that made Kurto fly through the air and show off his acrobatic skill, next minute the Nix are one up and the wanderers are jinxed!

But wait! The wanderers are awarded a corner, Fitzgerald kicks it to the front post drawing Kurto off his line and Hamill is able to capitalise and heads home a goal! Maybe I will be forgiven. In what then seems to be another turn of unusual events Riera appears to sub himself off, the sub doesn’t seem to be called for yet, he has chosen to walk, just like two year old that doesn’t want to eat their vegetables. It sets the stage for Yeboah’s debut. We reach half time as a one all affair.

Both teams come back out slower than they went into half time, obviously no inspirational pep talk to kick anyone in to gear tonight. This “summer of soccer” marathon is really starting to take its toll on everyone, myself included. Both teams commit several fouls and yellow cards are thrown around like swear words in a supporters group. The sixty third minute sees Sheridan make his debut for Wellington and fourteen minutes later he is part of the yellow card group too. Riera obviously took the most of his early departure and has showered and suited up, sitting amongst the crowd, there is obviously a lot more going on behind the scenes here, for him to not be sitting on the bench with his team….

Out of nowhere both teams seem to remember they are out there to play football, and the last ten minutes of the game contains a bit of everything! Yeboah manages to make his way through, but Kurto has him covered. The Wanderers take the ball to their end and Janjetovic seems to lose all rational thought and comes well off his line for Krishna to score an easy goal. It doesn’t stop there though, the Wanderers don’t actually drop their head, they keep playing football and fighting hard, as a fan that’s usually all we ask for, you can lose a match but please go down trying! Baccus instantly replies from a lovely corner ball from Fitzgerald,

we are two all, and wide awake again! Just when you think that will be the final scoreline Krishna goes and scores his second, maybe my tip will be ok after all. Five minutes of extra time is added, Wellington manage to hold on for the win. The game may be over on the pitch, but the coaches are just getting started with each other! Wellington now undefeated for seven games, did anyone see that coming at the start of the season? The Wanderers have some work to do, they had moments of play where it clicked together, how do they make these more consistent and convert them to a win??

By Michelle Reid

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