Women Take A Break From Motherhood To Play Finals Series

The W-League heads into the finals series this weekend and 10% of women in Australia are thrilled.

Brisbane Roar are heading into the finals as hot favourites however we think they should keep both eyes open at all times during their match with Canberra United on Sunday.

Canberra United is all the ACT have, we’re not joking. There’s no A-League team and no AFL team. Canberra Olympic are holding a Spit/Souvlaki day at their grounds for the game with Billy bringing an outdoor cinema for all to enjoy.

Unfortunately the W-League is still struggling for spectators. The fact FFA barely contribute a cent into marketing this league and Fox Sports do not broadcast every game has absolutely nothing to do with the struggling league. At all. There are talks however that they are looking at getting some dodgy wog with a tripod to broadcast games on YouTube but this is just hearsay.

Luckily it doesn’t affect the players too much. Honestly, they’re all just doing this as a hobby. Not all W-League players receive good wages, if anything most are on student-like incomes. So really it’s just a hobby like backyard cricket. These women started to get bored from their slow lives of raising children, ensuring the household is in running order, maintaining careers to pay the bills and looking after their own health.

Many believe these women are just trying to be like the boys, because all women aspire to experience a low pain threshold, man-flu and the inability to multi-task.

We believe many women are avoiding taking maternity leave as they’re worried they will not have a position upon returning, we spoke to one player who did not want to be named “Like, if I were in the A-League it’d be all well and good to snort a few lines of coke and someone will employ me but in the W-League, you just don’t know about your future”.

Some A-League fans are of opinion the women’s game is slow, unskillful and boring. A Wanderers fan explained their hatred of the game “They just kick the ball around” an Adelaide fan gave us their opinion of “They can’t even score good goals” while a Phoenix fan said “It’s totally boring”. How ironic.

This opinion is totally understandable though, the women do nothing exciting. Rarely do they score hat-tricks, worldie goals or win Australian of the Year. Hell, our National Womens team only attracted two NEAR stadium capacity matches on home soil. Near? “We don’t underpay you to nearly fill our stadiums” FFA responded after these matches.

Here at TLL we are so excited for finals and totally wishful we don’t have to stream it on Twitch or some shit.

Women Take A Break From Motherhood To Play Finals Series
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