Women Unsure What Half Time Snacks To Prepare Leading Into Star Wars Round

Women everywhere are terrified for the upcoming ‘Star Wars Round’ as they have never felt more out of the loop in their life.

“Thank God there’s finally an overshadowing product to mask the fact I have no idea what’s going on out there” the wife of a Sydney FC supporter explained. “I don’t get out of the kitchen much so it’s a relief to get out in the fresh air to a game. I take the kids along and they all yell and scream profanities at that guy Vedran. But now, with Star Wars round coming up, I have no idea what half time snacks to prepare!”.

We spoke with a female presenter who explained how enjoyable it is to get out of the daily grind that is housework. “It’s so enjoyable to leave that last load of washing and act as if I’m actually contributing to society! My husband thinks it’s so cute I bring home a pay-check”.

We believe it’s a combination of the full kit colours, handsome men and scouting for potential suitors which attract women to games. Women can’t possibly have the brain capacity to understand the techniques and advanced rules of the game.

This campaign should attract a new market to the de-flated A-League. The marketing team at FFA have found a goldmine of an audience with 20 something year old males who leave the house purely for Call of Duty launches and JB Hi-Fi sales, expected to attend the round.  As difficult as it will be dragging them out of their mums house, entering the blasted Australian sun on their pasty skin and forcing social interaction.




Women Unsure What Half Time Snacks To Prepare Leading Into Star Wars Round

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