You Bolt, I Bolt, We All Bolt To Gosford


This morning The Daily Telegraph reported Usain Bolt will be trialling with the Central Coast Mariners. During his 6-week trial, Bolt will make the Northern outskirts of Sydney his home for 2 months. 

Usain Bolt. The world’s fastest man. Faster than Matthew Leckie. You can’t make this shit up.

Reports suggest the Mariners may have access to $900k worth of Marquee funds if Bolt is successful.

In what is known as the ‘Kardashian Affect’ if you are famous, you can literally get anything. Make-up lines, reality shows and in this case, trialling at a well established and licenced club.

With a slap in the face to NPL players, we can’t help but to disagree with those saying this is not a publicity stunt. The Mariners have already made wider headlines than imaginable. Today alone, sending the Google ‘frequently searched’ tab into a ‘Soccer’ induced meltdown.

Honestly, we all thought Matt Simon was the headline act this season among the palm trees but slap me silly we have a new superstar in town.

Does Bolt have skill? We have no idea. Nor do the Mariners or those in charge of the slice of Marquee funding accessible.

We all thought the A-League peaked around the time we made meme’s of Kosta Barbarouses lifted up by teammates to tape up the net mid-game, statements more premature than a virgin at a nightclub.


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