You don’t say no to live football


The A-League, the only * checks notes * league in the world. Well I’m not entirely sure, there could be some lower leagues in other countries I’m not aware of but for now, the world has a Rose frame of mind – the best league’s in the world are the only league’s we’re watching.

Now just a quick run down on my personal stance on this matter as yes, it will affect the tone in certain parts of any articles I write for the remainder of the season. I am strongly and passionately anti-football continuing. I don’t believe sport is essential in this time of a pandemic – the only industry that is essential is healthcare. By continuing we are putting these players at risk of contracting the virus. And like I’ve said 10,000000 times, it’s not the healthy ones who will die from this, it is the elderly or those with weak immune systems that they may be in contact with, that might. It is sad that our organisation has to wait for a command from our abysmal Prime Minister who let’s be honest, has other priorities rather than human welfare, before we shut this down. I won’t even get started on the Nix players. Onto the football.

We had the whole world watching. People were desperate for football, so desperate they were willing to tune in to a Central Coast Mariners home game at 5:30pm on a humid, sticky, hot day in Australia. Much respect to the Mariners who did bring it for all our new fans, although it was a bit irresponsible of Stajc to tell the defence to work from home, we really missed them tonight.

Thankfully for the one fan Mariners security couldn’t say no to, Marvin, the Mariners opened their account within two minutes. And Marvin goes wild. Jordan Murray easily beats two defenders and even easilyier (that’s a word now), slipped it passed Glover. As easy as the goal was for Murray, Jack Clisby’s ball in while under pressure, was an absolute peach.

However, ask any Mariners fan and they will tell you the thrill doesn’t last long in Central Coast Stadium. Jamie Maclaren took it from behind (the ball you dirty people) and slots it past Birighitti to make it even-Stephen.

While problem gamblers all over the world start to feel a rush from a high scoring game and Marvin gets kicked out for probably provoking the one City fan watching with one eye through the slither of the fence, Noone sends a ball in. Susaeta, the man with a name fit for a love song, was waiting at the back post (I can just feel Bozza’s anger from here) and headers it straight in. 10 minutes in and it’s 2-1 to Manchester City Jr.

We then went through the rest of the first half with no goals. We had become accustom to a way of football and I for one find it rude not to see more in the ultimate football match of the world. But we did have the pleasure of a drinks breaks on a lovely 34 degree day. 

Only several minutes into the second half and Atkinson is able to find Jamie Maclaren with 1.5 metres of space, just waiting in the box and taps in his second. I am really proud of the levels the Mariners have gone to to abide by our new restrictions. I must admit, it was pretty funny hearing Speedy say “And the Melbourne City fan celebrates” and actually not be joking.

Jordan Murray gave us a brace and the Mariners a lifeline in the 69th from a header. Murray with an instinctually hungry run into the area, aerially beats his man and it’s in the back of the net. We have a tendency to focus on the Mariners leaking goals but Jordan Murray has been a shining light this season and gets better with every game. 

While some of us were praying for another Mariners goal, the City Football Group fans around the world were praying for one more. It seems City Football Group is God (rather than some ex-reds player) as their prayers were answered in the 74th minute. Nathaniel Atkinson’s deflected shot falls nicely for Maclaren to take home a hatty and the match ball. Birra just couldn’t get back up in time and Ziggy Gordon couldn’t get enough body in front of the shot to save the Mariners from the 4-2 scoreline. 

The Mariners go home with their heads held low and Marvin is already off at the Leagues club downing a few after their 10th consecutive loss. Melbourne City head home and prepare for the next round of what looks to be the Sydney Super LeagueTM. 

By Rose Valente

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